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Direct marketing is in our DNA.

It's hard to fit everything we do into a wee space like this.
Consider this the "short list." The point is, if it's direct marketing, we do it and then some.


Direct Marketing

Direct? Heck, it’s our last name. Our direct marketing team has more than a century of experience in targeting, developing and delivering direct marketing campaigns that deliver results that exceed our clients’ expectations time after time. That’s not luck. Just lots and lots of practice.

  • Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer
  • Integrated Campaign Planning
  • Data Management
  • Design and Production


Do you need help turning around eroding ROI? If you have unlimited time and money to throw around, you don’t need to start with a strategy. But few of our clients are like that. (Actually, none of them.) They prefer to work with us to get a lay of the land and find which routes will achieve their goals most effectively and efficiently. That’s why they call it strategy.

  • Structured Ideation
  • Campaign and Channel Integration
  • Test Design Optimization
  • Acquisition, Retention, Growth & Reactivation Strategy


Our creative department believes that design must also be smart. That strategy can be sexy. That you can’t stand out if you toe the line. Their work is award winning. It’s sales generating. And it’s made fresh daily right here at Infinity. See for yourself.

  • Direct Mail
  • Integrated Brand Experience
  • Product Launch
  • Collateral / Catalogs
  • Retail / POS
  • Trade Shows


Knowledge is power. It’s also sales, profits and happy shiny customers. We know how to make the most of your data and where to get the good stuff to build everything from crystal-clear customer profiles to mailing lists to behavioral modeling. It’s more science than magic, but just as cool.

  • Customer Data Integration
  • Data Mining and Customer Segmentation
  • Marketing Analytics for Customer & Prospect Profiling
  • Data Processing and List Scrubbing
  • Data Sourcing Strategy
  • Data Appends and Enhancements
  • Campaign Response Analysis
  • Analytic Dashboards


At Infinity, we’re old enough to know better, young enough to get better. Being born of direct marketing, it was a natural pathway into digital technologies and emarketing. Rather than run away, we’ve embraced it, allowing us to give you a full spectrum of solutions and experience to create the perfect marketing mix for your brand.

  • Email
  • Website, Landing Pages & Microsites
  • Internet Advertising and Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Social Media Integration
  • Web-to-Print and Asset Marketing


Cut costs not corners. Our decades’ worth of experience with printing means you’ll get on the best presses for the best prices and right on schedule. All the i’s dotted, t’s crossed and umlauts umlauted. Infinity Direct has a long-lasting reputation for exceptionally high standards for error-free execution. Anything less than 100% accuracy is simply not acceptable.

Resource Management

  • Vendor Evaluation & Selection
  • Project Management & Press Checks
  • Postal Optimization
  • Data Management & Personalization QC
  • Variable Data and Digital Printing
  • Fulfillment Management


  • Email Production & Management
  • Display Ad Production & Management
  • Landing Page & Site Development
  • Mobile Integration
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