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Responsive page design grades well with newly admitted students

Strategy, UX/UI, Design, Email, Website
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The Lawlor Group, a higher education marketing agency that has partnered with Infinity Direct on multiple projects, was on a tight timeline to design and program an e-newsletter and landing page for newly admitted students at Trine University. Because it was important to communicate updated and relevant information for students, the digital publications needed to work in tandem while keeping it streamlined and easy to navigate.


ID designed a single-page, responsive landing page based on the college’s brand standards and requests, including scrollable sections to address major areas of interest and a checklist for next steps. The e-newsletter template was developed based on that same layout. ID hosted the landing page, and Lawlor deployed the e-newsletter.

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Lawlor and Trine were very pleased with the aesthetics and functionality of the e-newsletter and landing page. The campaign is still active and is updated regularly.

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