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Trent Bob Ross

The holidays can be stressful!

Gifts to budget, deadlines to meet, early mornings, late nights and travel. Sheesh, the holidays sound a lot like work. As a marketer, you know the hard work up front means better results in the end. Whether you are burnt out from 2019 planning, or nervous about your resources for winter and spring vacations, Infinity Direct has you covered.


Feeling stressed?

Our team has curated a comprehensive list of activities, music and more ways we find our happy place during hectic times.

Zen Rocks

ID Team Happy Place Activities

  • Running/Sprinting
  • Walking the dogs
  • Enjoying music or podcast while walking in the fresh air
  • Snuggling with a dog
  • Climbing into fresh bed linens
  • Motorcycle ride on a country road
  • Hit the yoga mat or yoga trapeze
  • Hanging out on the rings
    Tom on the Rings
Zen Spotify

Staff Picks Happy Place Tunes

Spotify Zen Playlist Zen Flower

From all of us, best wishes for a relaxing holiday and restorative new year!