About Infinity Direct

Infinity Direct creates, executes and proves ROI for multichannel direct marketing programs. This includes print, direct mail, direct response landing pages and websites, email, SMS, display ads, social ads and OTT ads.

We are experts at what we do, and we are successful because we live in the details, are passionate and have can-do attitudes. We calmly kick ass for our clients every day.

The Team

CEO Jake
CFO Bjorn
President David
Executive Vice President Shawn
VP, Client Services Kathy
VP, Integrated Services Katie
VP, Client Strategies Derick
VP, Business Development Jaime
Controller Theresa
Sr. Director Client Development and Strategy Brent
Creative Director Scott
Digital Director Patti
Director of Consumer Insights and Analytics Jim
Digital Marketing Strategist Jenny
Group Account Director Victoria
Account Supervisor Jennifer
Senior Account Executive Bobbie
Senior Account Executive Suzy
Senior Account Executive Chad
Account Executive Trent
Account Executive Jen
Account Executive Sarah
Account Coordinator Craig
Account Coordinator Grace
Lead UX/UI Developer Adam
Senior Developer Mark
Lead Developer Matt
Senior Database Manager Larry
Database Developer Jim
Art Director Kirtie
Art Director Lori
Production Specialist Janet
Editor / Copywriter Amy
IT Administrator / CPO Kyle
Business Development Manager Jessica
Business Development Manager James
Senior Database Manager Jerry
Senior Database Marketing Analyst Clinton
Database Marketing Analyst Karim
Junior Database Marketing Specialist Colton
Integrated Audience Development Manager Megan
Jake - CEO
Bjorn - CFO
David - President
Kathy - VP, Client Services
Katie - VP, Integrated Services
Derick - VP, Client Strategies
Jaime - VP, Business Development
Victoria - Group Account Director
Theresa - Controller
Brent - Sr. Director Client Development and Strategy
Scott - Creative Director
Patti - Digital Director
Jim - Director of Consumer Insight and Analytics
Jenny - Digital Marketing Strategist
Shawn - Executive Vice President
Jen - Account Supervisor
Bobbie - Senior Account Executive
Suzy - Senior Account Executive
Chad - Senior Account Executive
Trent - Account Executive
Jen - Account Executive
Sarah - Account Executive
Craig - Account Coordinator
Grace - Account Coordinator
Adam - Lead UX/UI Developer
Matt - Lead Developer
Mark - Senior Developer
Larry - Senior Database Manager
Jim - Database Developer
Kirtie - Art Director
Lori - Art Director
Janet - Production Specialist
Amy - Editor / Copywriter
Kyle - IT Administrator / CPO
Jessica - Accounting / Admin Assistant
James - Business Development Manager
Jerry - Senior Database Manager
Clinton - Senior Database Marketing Manager
Karim - Database Marketing Analyst
Colton - Junior Database Marketing Specialist
Megan - Integrated Audience Development Manager