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Everyday Living

Driving client referrals and establishing brand with smart design

Branding, Copywriting, UX/UI, Design, Website
Everyday Living Responsive


Everyday Living provides services to individuals suffering from traumatic brain injuries within community residences and off-site in the Twin Cities area and Central Minnesota. EDL recently expanded its services and locations and thought it was time for a more thorough rebranding and a website redesign.


The site design is focused around imagery that emphasizes an inclusive community. Since TBI can impact a wide variety of people, it was critical that visitors to the site see people that they could relate to and felt represented them more naturally. The navigation is simple and effective on the home page with the collage of images as well as the top bar to drive people to their page of interest as quickly as possible.

Everyday Living Responsive


Since the new site was launched in May 2016, Everyday Living has been receiving an average of over 13 resident referrals per month, an increase of 45% over the previous site. The client is thrilled with the results and has received many compliments from staff, residents, families and industry professionals about the look and overall improvement in function.

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