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Children's Surgery International

Improved user experience helps clarify nonprofit’s mission

Copywriting, Strategy, UX/UI, Design, Website
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Children's Surgery International (CSI) is a Minnesota-based, nonprofit volunteer organization that provides specialized medical and surgical services to underprivileged children around the world. The purpose of their website is to attract and inform their viewers about the mission and work of the organization and encourage them to make a donation. The old site had a wonderful and rich history of images and stories, but the navigation and extra applications offsite hampered users from enjoying the website fully and sometimes left them confused.


The newly redesigned site is fully responsive, engaging, interactive, visually pleasing and intuitive. Prospective and current contributors are provided clarity about what Children’s Surgery International does and what a donation can do to improve the life of a child. Donation amounts are broken down in an appealing and transparent manner. Knowing that a donation is not a random fund but an actual purchase of what is needed encourages people to donate.

Information is easier to find, with simple navigation and prominent calls to action. Key facts and accomplishments are communicated in graphical form to break up the content when there is a lot to communicate. Even visibility is increased by providing a calendar of future events and a historical record of past events, including pictures, video, and copy.

The website praises and explains the contributions of the team members and volunteers. It also brings attention to the annual galas that have raised money for the organization, and encourages people to participate.

CSI Mobile


The new website launched prior to the group’s January 2017 Liberia mission trip where the medical team evaluated nearly 100 children, performed 57 surgeries (41 urology plus 16 craniofacial), and performed 15 various other procedures and observations. The client was ecstatic to be able to showcase their work and keep their network of volunteers and stakeholders up to date within the new mobile-optimized design.

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