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Journal Media Group

Email automation streamlines customer retention programs across publication partners.

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Journal Media Group operates in a competitive media landscape where every subscriber counts. Unsatisfied with inconsistencies across current retention strategies, the team decided it was time to standardize and enhance their direct marketing efforts. With publications spanning 13 markets across the U.S. and limited internal resources, Journal Media Group searched for an agency partner to help build the foundation for their future retention programs.


Infinity Direct designed a scalable, template-based series of emails that maintained brand consistency across publication partners. With a growing mobile audience, emails were developed responsively to ensure optimal readability regardless of screen size. Each email included customer personalization along with publication-specific branding. Once integrated with Journal Media Group’s data warehouse, a daily data feed triggered emails based on predetermined business rules – allowing publications to reach subscribers prior to account expiration.


By streamlining communications across publications, Journal Media Group has been able to effectively add six new marketing touchpoints – all focused on driving customer retention. Initial results have far exceeded expectations, and there are already plans to extend the program to other phases of the customer lifecycle.

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